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Hallelujah (So Low)
February 21, 2018
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Hallelujah is exciting. It’s a little bit more visceral, muscular. We like being a rock band and it felt like a great time to show that.  Leo really found a great balance between our electronic side and the rock/guitar side of things. Magazine and Hallelujah both got played on Radio 1, which hadn’t happened for a while, so that was cool.


From my perspective quite an important track in guitar world on account of that massive fucking riff which tears through the song a few times..Which, in this case  and in most cases was a massive happy accident. The rest of the song was coming together nicely and didn’t stray too far from where Tom had it pegged in his original demo… simple snappy beat with acoustics and  quite a light vocal melody. We kept coming up blank on the chords where the riff sits now.. just throwing  stuff into the void until I happened across a ludicrous patch on a synth.. after a bit of messing around and working out what the fuck the notes I was playing were, I managed to simplify it enough to work as a solid guitar riff.. Et Voila!

There’s something so satisfying about a riff dropping into place. I dont like guitars being played all the time, just for the sake of guitars…it gets tiresome and very fucking boring very fucking quickly… I just think the older you get the more you find the right spot for guitars to go. Which in this song is the big dirty fucking riff.

Live on KEXP 2018
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Live at NON-COMM 2018
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Live at Pinkpop 2018
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Live at Kendal Calling 2017
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