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I was staying at my inlaws house and Tom had emailed us some new demos, one of which was Sugar. We were out in the countryside, and internet was incredibly slow, so it took all day to download just one song and had only just finished as I was going to bed. I listened to it through just before I fell asleep and ended up having the weirdest dream about Peter Gabriel mopping up in the kitchen whilst whistling his tune ‘Games Without Frontiers’, so when I woke I had this weird mash-up of that and the Sugar demo in my head. So I nicked the beat from Gabriels track and stuck it on Sugar. Voila! My quickest drum part ever, but unfortunately I haven’t had any other musical legends visit me in my dreams to help out ever since. 


Sugar was a really important song. It ended up being the biggest song from that album. Jacquire’s albums just sound phenomenal and for all our confusion, ultimately it was fun making a proper band record in Nashville.


On my first day of rehearsals with Editors, not knowing a single person in the band but ripping through their catalogue in a rehearsal space with Russ and Ed (which was well weird by the way.) They decided to throw this idea in to the room.. which was the bones of what is now ‘Sugar’. Before i’d even played my first show with the band or even played with Tom in the room we were rolling around this mysterious song. I remember the chimey spooky guitar sound in the verse came really easily and just sat really nicely as we ran through the tune with just me Ed and Russ for a couple of days. It wasn’t until Tom was in rehearsals, having the vocals there that made sense of it and a week or so later when Elliott came into the set up that it started to form into where it is now. Sugar is the first song we really worked together on as Editors MKII – a clear cut between the band that had passed to the band that was just forming.

Live at Sziget 2013
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Live at Best Kept Secret 2016
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Live at Glastonbury 2013
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Live at Pukkelpop 2017
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Live at Rock Werchter 2012
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