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4 words. Yeah, that’s how deep we’re into this.
From : Lemming
A song that at one point had the most contentious chorus in Editors' history. Before the studio recording was available to fans we had to piece together the words being sung using live recordings. Often the sound wasn't as crisp as we'd like, and as a consequence there would be gaps in our lyrical knowledge. Gaps which we would fill with hopeful attempts at completion based on what we thought we'd heard. Some of my alternate guesses for what Tom proclaimed when he actually sang "It takes a fat lip to run a tight ship" are hilarious, obscene and so very far away from correct. The final reveal of the actual lyrics was simultaneously embarrassing but so much fun, making it an interaction that is still being undertaken by fans to this day. Trying to guess the first line to Frankenstein, for example, was a challenge all on its own. Those initial 4 words were so problematic. 4 words. Yeah, that's how deep we're into this.
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