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Smokers Outside The Hospital Doors Fan Memory
A shared Editors “Glasto Moment” never leaves you…
From : Damien Fortune
As a veteran of many Editors sets at Glastonbury (starting with your legendary other stage 2007 performance!) at 2007,2010, 2013 and 2016 there’s one special “Glasto moment” that has always stayed with me above all others. As a dedicated “flag carrier” (the St Georges Cross and All Blacks Silver Fern, representing my Kiwi wife and I, has been to many Glastonbury’s) I’m used to bowling up for a set on my own knowing my friends will find me. In 2013 I found myself alone at the start of your set and as is so often the case, made a “friend”, who was also awaiting his party to arrive and wanted to use our flag as a marker for them. We shared some chit chat when you started and found ourselves singing along together – Suddenly, only the second song in, you launched into the beautiful and for me quite emotional “smokers outside the hospital room” – a song that will always take me back to the final moments of my aunt life as she suffered the final stages of Huntington’s disease and her life became about who would take her out for her next cigarette… This was the first time I had seen you perform this song live since her passing and I was suddenly over-come by emotion… my new found friend saw I needed to experience this song and taking the flag from me smiling , allowed me to become unburdened (physically and mentally) as I lost myself in the song and had a very special moment: alone with my aunt… yet surrounded by strangers - and one new friend! The song finished and I thanked him, taking the flag back and within moments our friends arrived and we saw the rest of your set together before heading off for our respective Glastonbury weekends. This “moment” was obviously one that stayed with both of us… at Glastonbury 2019 Matt saw my flag and bought his glasto crew down to us asking if I remembered him and saying he’d never forgotten his “Glasto moment” at that editors set in 2013 - holding the flag for a fellow fan in need… if only our reunion was an Editors gig (alas you were not playing that year) it would make it perfect – I’ve attached a photo of our flag at the 2013 set as well as a reunion selfie of Matt and I in 2019 and we vowed to keep an eye out for the flag and meet under in again… hopefully at Editors set at Glastonbury 2020! The best moments in life are always shared! See you on the night of my 40th Birthday in Wembley Arena! I can’t think of a better way to celebrate with friend old and new!
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