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A song with many, many personalities
From : Lemming
A song with many, many personalities. How many? It's been:- A track on the Twilight soundtrack, appreciated by teen girls who dig vampires Tom's solo piano take (at Werchter 2010) Tom's solo acoustic guitar rendition The live full band version The recorded full band version with a different arrangement of Chris' guitars The final take on the VI OLENCE album Most fans have their own favourite and reasons why they love it. The release from 2010 at Werchter is the one that seductively slipped an engagement ring on to Belgium's finger, a proposal that was not only accepted but has resulted in a very happy long-term marriage between band and that country. The video for the song also made a star of one of "our people", Jason. The band played it as part of a short, winter-themed set for Studio Brussel in 2010, and just for the overall good vibes that came off that show, I choose that as my favourite. Of course, ask me next week and the answer will be completely different
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