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All Sparks is the new black
From : Lemming
When All Sparks arrived I'd seen them live for the 1st time and begun devouring their back catalogue. Lyrically, it had that edge its predecessor singles possessed:- "You don't need this disease..." "People are fragile things you should know by now, be careful what you put them through..." "Blood runs through our veins, that's where the similarity ends.." "All sparks will burn out in the end..." I remember being relieved at the time that in a sea of eligible competitors for fan devotion, Editors revealed they had consistency. Yet the possibility remained that they could turn out to be a "singles band", that The Back Room would offer a little bit of "killer" but substantially more "filler" to pad things out. Not so. It had the trait that great albums have where as a listener you plug in, take a guided trip and leave with a little piece of it in your heart (or soul if you're that way inclined). All Sparks helped secure the notion that the world now had a new colour, and that colour was black.
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