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An End Has a Start Red Session 2007
From : Lemming
The centrepiece that encapsulated the themes of death, loss and other gloomy pursuits on Editors' second album. What I remember most about this was the announcement that it would be a single, and the anticipation of what they would do visually to compliment such weighty music. They'd been terribly serious with their videos up until then, so surely that would continue? After all, the song itself is begging for a moody black and white film about mortality, and the complexity of the human condition. What it got...was something nobody saw coming. This was I believe the first time the band had publicly declared their sense of humour, and it really suited them. Not that it deterred people from clinging to the sterotype of Editors as a band of 4, pale indie types making grumpy music for depressed folks to shuffle around their bedrooms to. Which is of course, totally true. I'm listening to the track for reference right now, and the tears that fall as I type are soaking the keyboard. Possibly.
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