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Been There With Of You
From : Amanda Huber
During the summer of 2014 I was homeless. Seeing it coming the year before I had set up a job at a Boy Scout camp for the summer that provides food and board, it was 2000 miles away. A toxic relationship and abusive family led me to couch surf in the area before the summer had started. In the early weeks of this two and a half month job a casual romantic interest had sent me a care package that included a usb with a couple albums, my favorite being In This Light And On This Evening. I had never heard of Editors before but this was what got me through that summer. It was a simple gesture but this music truly kept me sane. Four years later that same person took me to my first concert, Editors at The Glass House, and we knew every word. Still together after five years we're looking forward to the next time Editors is in Southern California. His favorite song is Smokers and mine is Formaldehyde.
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