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Beginning of the acceptation
From : Alan Xeron
Well, this storie start a few years ago, in the 2011, I was 15 and I went to my first concert, the Corona Capital, the second exhibition of this festival that promised excited moments, and they don't lied about that. My sister, 2 years more old than me, was my guide, I really knew nothing about the artists who had shows there, but she knew a lot more than me, maybe for the magazines, or for the popular young-romance cinema, but she carried me to all good bands, and in this way we arrived to the Editors stage. We were standing there, at 7:00pm, in a beauty view of a mexican sunset, around a lot of excited people, I was feel it. I never listened to the band before, but I realized that the environment turns bohemian. Then, the concert started, the chords of Camera put the silence in the body of the people. I heard all the guitars, all the lyrics, then, in the perfect moment, the band played Bullets, I never forget that moment, where Editors told me that we need to accept the pain and let to the destiny make his job. At the end of the concert, I left the venue with two big loves in my heart, the music of Editors, and the Rickenbackers (the Chris guitar was amazing). Since that year, I try to go to all concerts of Editors, and I think that I go in a good way.
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