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Hallelujah (So Low) Fan Memory
From : Dina
Me and my boyfriend have been your fans for many years now. As you have never had a concert in the country where we live, we have been travelling around to see you (couple of times in UK, couple of times in Sweden, in Poland). Every live show we saw ended up in the top of all-time favourites. The most memorable was in Stockholm, Berns last year. The place itself suited the show and music so perfectly! I have been to Berns earlier and when someone told me that they have live shows in there my first though was that Editors would be perfect match for this place. And some years later I saw it on your live list! As your show was just a day before my birthday, of course I got it as a present for my birthday. I think the whole show was just magical! At one point it was even too good – when Belong started with acoustic guitar, wonderful vocals and a bass wave that came in the middle and was so deep that it went right through you, I was so taken by it all that I think I forgot how to breath and swallow at the same time. I chocked up and started coughing very hard and laughing at how absurd it was. When my boyfriend asked me what happened and I explained, he said it was understandable, this song was just too sexy! It was the best possible birthday gift! PS! Sorry I picked a song that was not on the list.
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