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Big news for my husband at your Roundhouse gig
From : Bea Gough
In 2014, my husband and I met up for dinner then headed to the Roundhouse to see you guys. I’d been feeling rubbish all day and having been trying to conceive for a while, did a test in the restaurant loos, to make sure that I didn’t drink if it was indeed a pregnancy - thinking it was negative, as usual. I was so happy and shocked to see the two lines - but had the awkward situation of how to tell him in a memorable but quick way as he’d be wondering why I wasn’t touching my wine! Every time I tried to say something, the waitress comically interrupted! I finally got the words out and so the rest of our night was spent in my favourite venue, watching our favourite band performing, with a crowd that was really up for it. Eat raw meat = blood drool was my standout memory. Your energy, your moves, the lightning and Tom’s voice haunt me to this day - the song went on my birthing playlist (obvs) and I will always remember hugging my husband, excited for the future, on that special night.
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