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Bullets = Year Zero
From : Lemming
Bullets = Year zero. In terms of officially released material, this is essentially the departure point for everything that came afterwards. A limited edition of just 500 singles on a small, independent label that lurked in a courtyard just up the road from the Haymarket bus station in Newcastle. It sold out on the day of its release, and is now owned by several hipsters who will claim with pride that they were there and bought it 2 seconds after it went up for sale...even though they probably picked up their copy at an inflated price on eBay years afterwards like the rest of us. Those same hipsters will also tell you that the band were never the same after that first single, and you should ignore them with all the indifference you summon. It only got better from here. The main hook in that chorus, "You don't need this disease" would later go on to be used as part of a magazine campaign to inspire young women to carry condoms and practice safer sex. Truefact.
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