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Elliott made it better.
From : Lemming
Record label - "So, album 3. What have you got for us?" Editors - "Well, after establishing ourselves as a guitar band, we're going to go almost fully electronic. The record will contain hardly any obvious singles, and the lead track won't really have a chorus. Oh, and this will be the first time we won't be appearing at all in a promo for our music." Record Label - "Sold!" Papillon turned some of the fanbase into angry villagers reaching for pitchforks, flaming torches and books on how to burn heretics. Editors had "gone electronic" and had surely lost their minds? This, would be the end of them. At the time of writing, Papillon is an absolute demolition device when played live. It works as an acoustic or electric track and can also change form when played live. For the record, let history show that Papillon was already great. Elliott made it better.
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