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Exclusive club concert in Berlin to the new album “In the light and in this evening “ in 2009
From : Carolin Katterbe
Hi guys, We have won tickets via the Berlin Fritz Radio Station to the exclusive club concert of the “In the light an on this evening” Album. We were part of a small group of guests in the tiny club with other 200 Editors fans. It was a special and very boutique atmosphere enhancing us to enjoy the concert very much!!! I really really remembers those times as it was the last concert before we became a family of three. Since then we ever have managed to visit every concert around us even though we had two / three small children at that time. It was always a very special get away remembering the club the club concert although being at concert of albums following up. So we did not count the masses on concerts but we took attention at the time we went to Editors concerts when we had a chance to! Although we might not win the prince but we are very thankful for the great experience feeling free and young whilst having children and enjoying good music’ Thank you Carolin
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