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A Ton Of Love Fan Memory
First love, last love.
From : Epithelial Moraine
When 'The Weight of Your Love' was released, a former friend of mine who's a huge fan of Editors managed to draw my attention to the song 'A Ton of Love'. I instantly liked it, began searching for more songs on the internet and soon ended up buying the full album, wondering why I had never even heard of this band before. It was only weeks later that I realised how wrong I was. Not only had I heard of Editors before, I even owned a mixtape (an actual cassette!) on which I had recorded 'All Sparks' back in the day when all I had to discover the world of music as a teenager was my trusty old radio, and the song aired for the very first time. That's when I remembered how much time I spent in front of the radio pushing the REC button (hoping that the host would play the songs out to the very last second), and how much I loved 'All Sparks' back then. Growing up on the countryside with no internet (that one was still in its infancy) and the next bigger town where you could buy records a 30 min. ride away, I unfortunately lost sight of Editors. Luckily, listening to 'TWOYL' reignited the flame that had been burning low for so long and today, it's being tended to better then ever. Since I rediscovered my love for the band, I'm attending their gigs whenever they come to my city, so my collection of concert tickets, CDs, vinyls and merch is growing steadily. Their songs have become an important part of my life, have functioned as an expression of happiness as well as sadness and continue to do so to this day. Thanks for the music, Editors~ ♡
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