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Found my soulsister and meeting the band for the first time
From : Sanne de Beer
June 2013, Traumzeit festival Germany. I was kinda early on the festival site and lucky me, for the first time since my fandom in 2008, I met the guys, who were all nice and fun while I was OMG-ing. More important though, there was this Italian girl (I'm Dutch) and we had a fun time together during the concert. We exchanged Twitter and Facebook and I told her she could stay at my place if she wanted to go to the Dutch shows. She did. Few months after that I went to Italy and we became soulsisters, seeing each other at Editorsconcerts, festivals and meeting up at least once a year and talking about everything as really close friends. Sugar is our main thing, because we have the candy in Holland and she eats it happily everytime I bring it. I even had a relationship for a year with her cousin. All because of Editors. So I am thankful for life
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