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You Don't Know Love Fan Memory
From baritone to brand new tones
From : Lemming
The first vocals you hear on the single You Don't Know Love are Tom testing out his falsetto. Along with Papillon, this was one of the few times we experienced something other than his baritone. As well as being novel, it was a courageous move considering that Editors are a collective who gain regular, successful reanimation on a stage being scrutinised by paying attendees. Dislocation from the recording studio's sleight-of-hand artistic improvements and flattery increases the chance of a vocal blow-out when playing it live. Probably as high as the notes Tom has committed to hitting. Making it a single removed its potential anonymity as an album track to be strategically forgotten when the setlist is designed, and the hits are required. But then, that was the wider point of Editors' third album. To push, to try, take chances and exceed or redefine expectations of Editors at the time (more "Back Room", louder guitars and a long awaited confession to a Joy Division infatuation).
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