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History is often Cold
From : Lemming
Of all the songs on VI OLENCE, Cold bears the scarring of everything that came before to the greatest effect. It has lyrical and musical references to Editors' history all over it, but probably only if you're the kind of unhealthily attentive listener with the extravagance of obsessing over the details. Urgh, those kinds of people, am I right? *Cough*. The sentiments " everything will die" could have been on An End Has a Start. "Be a ghost tonight"... is one of two references on VI OLENCE to the supernatural (the other being Counting Spooks). It hadn't happened since A Life as a Ghost from the ITLAOTE era. Musically, it has echoes of ERM=BD, with sampled voices and Justin hitting strings in the same arthritis-welcoming rapid-fire way Chris used to on songs like Munich. Cold confirms that Editors tunes are differing entities depending on their context. Besides the studio rendition, there's also the live take which had 2 uniquely separate pieces of intro music from 2017 to 2018.
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