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How a magical night in a small French cinema led to our son Lennert
From : Davy Van Colen
On October 29th 2015 my girlfriend and I went to the Editors gig at the Splendid in Lille. We didn't bother to go to a big venue in Belgium, where we live, but decided to go to this smaller place, closer to home. Apparently this is an old cinema, with a capacity of less then 1000 people. We were surprised by the cosyness of the venue and enjoyed every minute of our first Editors show ever, just a few feet away from the stage. It was one of those magical nights, experiencing all your senses fully. After the show we experienced an even more magical night leading to the birth of our first born son Lennert, exactly 9 months later. How this magical evening in this old cinema led to the most wonderful thing you can experience in your life. We're sending you Lennerts birth card, ready to conquer the world as a small firefighter, as I (his father) am also a firefigher. Over 3 years later now, he's the most adorable kid you can imagine. Thank you editors!
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