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It Caused A Fire In New York
From : Gary Paterson
While not a stranger to New York, this was the first time I had seen the band play there. This was May of 2018. Queuing for the gig was a wet one. Late in the afternoon the heavens had opened and there was an almighty thunder storm. Torrential rain, loud cracks of thunder and bright flashes of lightning, it was a wonderful show from mother nature and a taste of what was to come. Once inside the spectacular spectacle continued as the band stormed through an electric set that fizzed and popped with a fierce passion and intensity. Which in turn super-charged the crowd who reciprocated the raw emotions that were on show. Myself included. Don’t think I have ever sung ‘desire’ so loudly and punched the air so violently as I did that night. Yes, that’s me in the centre.
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