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Papillon Fan Memory
It Kicks And Then Some
From : Gary Paterson
When 4 became 5, this track also grew in length and awesomeness. In came a wonderful breakdown that gave us the joy of Mr Leech having a ‘Hooky’ moment as things ramped back up, whipping the crowd in to a frenzy. Papillon never fails to deliver magical memories. Here is one from 2009. ‘As soon as he steps on to the bottom support rail and leans forward with outstretched arms a transformation takes place. The keyboard stand becomes his makeshift pulpit from which Preacher Smith, a menacing glint in his eye and wry smile on his face, delivers his impassioned sermon, (ironically questioning the existence of divine intervention at one point), with such skill and control that he has the hot sweaty masses below him eating out the palm of his hand and hungry for more. With a simple gesture he has the whole room erupting and singing in unison and doesn’t let up until they give him every last drop of their energy. Welcome to the Church of Papillon, fear its wrath and bask in its glory.’
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