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James Brown to Editors in 4 steps (via ERM=BD)
From : Lemming
A single almost guaranteed no airplay due to a certain frontman using his potty mouth again in the 2nd verse, the inspiration for ERM=BD came from a painting called "Devolved Parliament" by Banksy. It showed the House of Commons populated by monkeys, an idea that germinated in Tom's mind before blossoming into his sanguine depictions of ill-mannered carnivores at feeding time. I listened back to the demo version of the song recently, and then compared it with In This Light and on This Evening's. Built slightly differently, most of the elements from the final take are there except for a persistent, constant Soul to Soul style drumbeat that everything else appears and vanishes around. It's reminiscent of when James Brown would find a groove, hit it on the one, and layer everything else on top. The Stone Roses did that with Fools Gold, using James' Funky Drummer as a template. They in turn inspired Oasis, who went on to influence Editors. James Brown to Editors in 4 steps via ERM=BD.
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