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My First Editors Gig – Oxford Zodiac 2005. And you thought you were a dark, moody, goth band…
From : Natalie
I was standing at the front, slightly to the the right of the stage (the bands left) with a friends as the gig started we started to dance our little hearts out. I can clearly remember the slightly bemused looks from the stage at the two girls seemingly being the only ones dancing. First it was just the two of us, then people seemed to join us as the set went on. The amazed looks from the stage seemed to continue, somewhere between disbelief and confusion. Sorry to have broken it too you, but even though you are dark and moody you're a great live act to dance to. We were all much younger then, but when I hear your songs and anything from The Back Room it takes me straight back to The Zodiac gig, the only gig where I have managed to make the band look at me in utter confusion. Happy days.
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