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Ocean of sleepless night
From : Lisa
End of November 2015, around 4am, on the couch at my parents' house. Sitting in front of the television I wander aimlessly though channels during another sleepless night. I fly over a television channel that plays music videos in the middle of the night when no one is watching. I briefly see a glimpse of a black and white slow motion picture in a pretty concert hall and hear piano tunes. Five zapped channels later I say to myself "Wait hold on. What was that" and come back quickly to the channel that plays the MVs and -wow. I stayed in admiration with my mouth wide open for the remaining 3.5 minutes of the video until I saw "Editors - Ocean of Night" Oh. So that's what Editors is all about. After that I fell into the rabbit hole. I couldn't listen to anything but Editors. I took as much as I could, went to many gigs, met the most wonderful people and saw some great places. It was in a way my catharsis. Thank you Tom, Ed, Russell, Elliott, Justin, thank you Rahi Rezvani. I won’t forget.
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