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October 23
From : Rui Amaral Mendes
The was published in my blog exactly one decade ago (, but one of my first publications dates back to 2005 ( One of the most amazing indie bands that has appeared in the last 5 years or so. I'm leaving back to Amsterdam in one week. They'll be performing live at the Melkweg. I was told that the concert is already sold out; yet, hopefully I'll get lucky and find a ticket. If I have the time... If not, I can always see them in Lisbon when I return. They've managed to reinvent themselves, without loosing their identity. "In This Light And On This Evening" the band's use of synthesizers results in a more electronic sound. The sense of melody, though, remains intact, as does the "essence" of their music. Just listen to a couple of acoustic versions. It’s all in there. In a sense, they remind me a lot of Joy Division, especially if we track their music back to their first studio work. Maybe if Ian hadn't killed himself, he would have been the lead singer in New Order's "Blue Monday" or "True Faith". RAM
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