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People are Fragile
From : Gary Paterson
If I have learned one thing over the years of seeing the band live it is this, if the crowd is going to get 'boisterous', Munich is always the spark that lights the touch paper. Blog extract: Preston 7/3/2010. ‘A young man thought it would be a good idea to jump the barrier mid song. He lands, turns to the crowd, smiles and puts his arms up in a victorious manner. Unknown to him the security guy at our end of the barrier has spotted this and has set off in pursuit, gaining both speed and momentum with every stride as he thunders along the pit. A few seconds into his celebrations the young man looks round, his elated expression changes to one of terror as, before he can react... THUMP! The juggernaut that is the security guy reaches his intended target and without losing a step or speed, lifts the interloper clean of the floor by his collar and belt and continues on to the other end of the pit, where he deposits a now rather shell-shocked young man with a contemptible toss.’
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