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Between 2006 and 2007, the Back Room tour setlist sometimes contained a cover or a brand new song. One such delight was Bones, unrecorded but loved by fans. Nonetheless, there would be controversy later on. Oh boy, would there. Recording equipment and the internet meant that live takes of Bones were captured, shared and put on heavy listening rotation long before its release. It brought a familiarity that meant you could spot "those in the know" at gigs by their ability to sing along. We knew Bones, or rather we knew the live arrangement of Bones. In 2007 Editors finally recorded the song, altering its structure by cutting some of the later "Retreats". Unlike a writer who keeps their first drafts hidden, Editors had done their preliminary work in public. As a result, drama abounded, with hardcores complaining they liked the "original" better. About 2 years later, an ever-indulgent Editors reverted back to playing the first version live, "Retreats" included. Gloomy first world problems.
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