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Rhythm is king
From : Lemming
A tune that prompts the question; did the words or the sounds come first? Structurally, All the Kings has an emphasis on a singular, persistently repetitive beat courtesy of Ed's kick drum. The lyrics are concerned with time passing and the human pulse, and there's also allusions to the march of approaching kings. Both mediums have rhythmic themes but I wonder which one inspired the other? All the Kings is the only track on In Dream that has a coda, and one that sounds nothing like the song it brings to an end. Very reminiscent of My Bloody Valentine's Tremelo Ep. There's no drums or words being sung, just a delicate one minute piano piece with what sounds like the band talking in the background. It could be another song entirely, yet it compliments its predecessor well. Individuality without dissonance. This idea of extra music was taken further on VI OLENCE with Hallelujah's false ending, and with Cold being given two separate intros between 2017 and 2018 when they played it live.
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