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Sound Engineers.
From : Elisa
Fall 2009. I remember coming back from school. I used to take the bus, but that day my mother came to pick me. In the car Virgin Radio Italy was playing "Papillon". I had never heard Editors before and it was love at first hearing. Some days later I met the guy I had a crush on, and before any other word, he said: "Have you heard Papillon by Editors? I don't know if you know them, but you should hear them!" I told him I had discovered them some days before, and we talked about them them for many days in the Windows Live Messenger chat. I bought the albums and in 2 months or so I knew most of their discography. I found myself really fond of Editors and I wanted to see them live as soon as possible, but I was really young. The moment came later in July 2010 when Editors came at Heineken Jammin Festival near Venice, about 80 kms from my home. It was also my first rock festival. I went there with my father and a dear friend of mine with her dad too. After a long run we managed to come quite near to the stage. But I did not mention that I had always listened a lot to Editors since that moment, but I had never checked pics of them, and I was totally sure that it was about a band of 50-years-old musicians or so (I'm really sorry!), but I never cared a lot about it. I only cared about music. After the band Rise Against I knew it was Editors turn, and then the sound engineers came to stage, they were 40/50 years old guys and so I started clapping and screaming :"Editors! Editors!" and I was angry because no one else was doing the same. "Sh*t!! They are starting playing (but there were only sound engineers soundchecking) and no one else is clapping to them!! What a shame!! Are there only 30 Seconds to Mars and Green Day fans here??!". But suddently the REAL Editors came to stage, and at that time they were all young guys in their late 20s/early 30s and I was really shocked (and I fell in love with Tom a little bit, I must admit). I remember that live show as unique: I was crazy and happy because I found out they were also better than expected, and during "Papillon", the song that made me discover them, I jumped a lot. Then a storm arrived and we have so search for a shelter under the beer tent. In my mind the songs "Papillon" and "Eat Raw Meat" continued playing in my head. We managed to save ourselves from the bad weather, but it was a really difficult festival. Anyways many years have passed and I hear "Papillon" in many situations and dj-sets and I love to dance along with it every time.
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