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Soundtrack to an amazing time
From : Eva
A memory of Editors. Where to begin? Earlier today I contributed to the Racing Rats- section because that’s where my love for Editors began. I cherish every experience I had with you guys, from the tiny gig in Liege to Teenage Cancer Trust in the RAH (2010, with meet & greet) to the Werchter shows and so on. But my most memorable moment with Editors contains a series of shows in 2010, starting with the one in Düsseldorf. For some reason unknown I got to meet Elliott’s former band Airship. My friend and I got invited to their hotel in Wuppertal (Ger) for some drinks (I believe it even was Elliott’s birthday that day and I gave him a lighter. Normally my gifts are better, but it was the best thing I could come up with) and it was there that I met a really nice boy, who I kept in touch with during the following week. It all got a tiny bit cheeky from that moment on. We met again during and after the show in Antwerp and we hooked up to meet again in Amsterdam. You played a fantastic show. Not that I’ve seen much of it. But it sounded really good, you know ;-). To me this whole experience was all new and adventurous. I am just a plain dull civil servant, you know. But that whole week filled with Editors gigs and sneaky adventures, is my best memory I have of Editors and their live shows. It really was the soundtrack of a tremendous week! So, yes. I cheated on my then- boyfriend during the shows (and I am sorry, if he may ever read this). But we broke up. He ended up to be married happily ever after. And so did I. With lots of gigs attended since then: but all of which I behaved very decent. I walked doen the isle while ‘Ocean Of Night’ was playing and Editors will continue being the soundtrack of my life. After all: In The End All You Can Hope For Is The Love You’ve Felt To Equal The Pain You’ve Gone Through ( I’m sending you a picture of my tattoo. It’s on the side of my back) . x
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