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That riff sounds weirdly familiar…
From : Lemming
Forgiveness was released during 2015, but we unknowingly became familiar with Justin's snaking guitar riff a full year before. The band were in Crear self-producing In Dream throughout October 2014, and they sporadically dropped some short teaser videos along the way documenting their progress (I've included them here). Most of those tantalising vignettes contained electronic sounds, but the one featuring Justin on the 6-strings offered warm comfort to the people in the balcony boisterously braying for more guitars. It produced a shuddering flashback when I eventually experienced Forgiveness fully in 2015, because that riff is the first thing you hear. Very trippy. For all they would never make bold claims to be a political band, Forgiveness is the 2nd time I can remember that Editors made coquettish eyes towards that subject. The first would was during Hyena with the line "There's a country to flatten over there", this one would be "The flag in your hand don't make you American".
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