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The final minute, of the final hour…
From : Lemming
There were a trilogy of songs with Chris' involvement that could have indicated Editors' musical direction during the aborted E4 sessions; Last Day, The Sting and Two Hearted Spider. 2 of them were re-recorded after he was gone, but Last Day was released as a 7" single on Record Store Day, April 17th 2010 All 3 tracks bore the electronic style so prevalent on ITLAOTE, yet they felt unusually ominous, even for Editors. Easy to say now, knowing what we know about how things dissolved and fractured from here until April of 2012 when Chris was gone. Still, there's something lyrically unsettling about Last Day which is, perversely, also extremely beautiful to listen to. Tom has stated that the "tortured artist" thing is bullshit, but dynamic tension between those with opposing ideas can yield great things. Chris, Tom, Russell and Ed had undeniable musical talent, chemistry and ability together. Last Day is the final proof of that before the creative discord between them proved unsustainable.
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