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the first when it was dark and late gig
From : Jeroen Hechtermans
Pukkelpop 2017. the first "when it is dark and late" gig for Vic. We were a bit worried about putting him in the busy environment of such a large audience at the age of 7. But what happened, he was embraced, we were protected by the other editors fans should something happen. Nothing has happened, but the warmth that radiated from the editor's fans is heart-warming. they are still friends. And of which vic was most impressed at the time. that was the "All sparks" fireworks that descended from the stage. We thought as parents, that passion will blow over again. But no, it actually strengthened his passion. He wanted, wants and always wants to look at "his" Editors. it was a fantastic show, he couldn't sleep because of the adrenaline. So we still had to eat a fries at 00:00 in daddy's regular festival chip shop. Because real festivalgoers do that anyway. From then on he was a real one at the age of 7. We loved every song on the gig! Thanks boys !!!!
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