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From : jay from singapore
This year has been a tough ride for me, I'm 19 and I just am dealing with the troubles of growing up. A lot of failed relationships in my life and I'm trying to embrace the fact that you're truly the only person that can lift yourself up. My ex of 2+ years introduced Munich to me earlier this year - the day after we broke up, Youtube randomly started autoplaying Black Gold next after I was listening to my daily stuff. I started venturing more into Editors' music. Black Gold hit struck a chord but No Harm gobsmacked me in the face. Not only reminding me of the times I betrayed myself but to serve as a reminder for the present and future that my self worth is important. I'm not an experienced or old fan of Editors by any means, but I do believe this is a start of another journey. Feels like rebirth. And having a new band you really like accompanying you is better.
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