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The Racing Rats Live on Jonathan Ross 2007
From : Lemming
"If a plane were to fall from the sky..." "We Are the Cheeky Girls", this was not. The 3rd single from AEHAS continued the dark themes of its parent album, and began a tradition which only ended recently. Previously Editors used a Roland Juno-D onstage rather than a full piano. Once they added one in 2007, things changed. Tom is always "unrestrained", but put him in a sitting position and it's like fixing his feet to the floor with loose velcro straps. Eventually, he'll break loose which is what he began doing during Racing Rats. When they hit the "Come on now, you knew you were lost" section he'd either walk around the piano or climb onto it. The tension created fit perfectly with that section of the music, plus you never knew if he may fall. Unfortunately, that happened in 2017 at Music for Life and the era of Acrobatic Piano Smith ended. It will be missed.
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