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The start of an EDITORS adventure…
From : Philip Egan
There are so many stories to tell from our experiences over the last 12 years following EDITORS but for me it makes sense to start at the first random opportunity to see them live that sparked off the adventures. Whilst on honeymoon in San Diego in 2007 my wife and I decided to go to the street scene festival, after seeing an advert after we had arrived, which that year was in the baseball stadium in the desert. Planning the directions there was as usual down to me and after setting out in the late morning Californian heat  it didn’t take long also before the walk resulted in taking wrong turns and arguments about how long it was supposed to take against how long it had taken so far. Eventually we got to a point where we couldn’t continue- the only option was a motorway - at that time google only did driving directions rather than walking directions and I just “assumed” we could walk alongside any roads it took us down! We asked in a petrol station for directions and luckily an old(er) lady offered us a lift to the venue. We wouldn’t normally hitchhike or get into strangers cars but it seemed to be this or dying at the roadside and left as a pile of bones in the desert sun. As you’re reading this you’ve probably gathered that we made it there and back and not only enjoyed The Killers and Arctic Monkeys at their peak but more importantly we discovered a live performance by EDITORS for the first time. There was something magical about seeing a band formed so local to us but with both of us thousands of miles away from home, as an opening act in the desert early afternoon sun. We’ve since seen EDITORS about 20 times across the world and using their tours as reasons to discover new places and new support acts, so it was all worth it, and so pleased that we didn’t just turn around and not persist in getting to that first festival. Lives have come and gone in the last 12 years but we still make time when we can to experience as many gigs in as many different locations and settings as possible. The passion and energy just gets better tour on tour and at the end of every gig or festival appearance I reflect in the hope that it won’t be the last.
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