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Smokers Outside The Hospital Doors Fan Memory
Visiting Jim’s Grave
From : Danny van Schendel
It was in the third weekend of september 2007 I've ever concsiously heard an Editors track. I've had a copy of the album An end has a start (and a bunch of other albums I didn't had the chance to listen to) on my phone and I was visting Paris for the first time since I was there in 1994. Walking in Pere La Chaise to visit Jim Morrison's grave, I've had my playlist on shuffle. Suddenly staring at the grave on my headphones this pulsating drumbeat appeared followed by this deep low voice and I was sure Jim magically was raised form his grave singing into my ears. What was this band, this sound? I've checked and saw the name Editors. I've heard of the band and in retrospect I must have heard Bullets or Munich before that moment, but this was the first moment I was aware of this magical (then) foursome. I've visited many concerts since then and everytime Smokers is played I'm standing at the grave of Jim Morrison. That trip to Paris I had devolleped a love for rugby (the world championship was held in France, England was playing that weekend in Paris) and a forever love for Editors and for Smokers outside the hospital doors.
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