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Where our similarities end
From : Lemming
So good, they issued it twice! Blood was the third Editors single released two weeks before The Back Room came out, and then again just under year later. My memory is a temperamental system, but I'm pretty sure Blood was the first Editors song I ever heard. I don't know what Tom was musing on when he wrote the chorus, but I've always had a theory as to what it meant. In 1992 when the band Ride released "Leave Them All Behind", it was seen by some as a conscious effort to distance themselves from the shoegazing genre they'd been placed in by the media. Sometimes these categories work as a reference point, but often they become a tattoo you can't erase. The line "Blood runs through our veins, that's where our similarity ends" always felt like Editors saying something similar to Ride. That although they may have been viewed as part of a collection of bands at the time like Bloc Party, Franz Ferdinand, Interpol or even Hard-Fi (sorry!), they were different. Time has proven that hypothesis.
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